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Morjärvsskinn is a small and unique tannery in Morjärv, i the nothern part of Sweden. We tan and sell skin and leather to both company and private persons. Morjärvsskinn has existed since early 1980´s and started by Lars and Gunnel Mörtberg. Since January 2004 it´s Mathias Johansson with family who runs the company. We tan mostly hide from reindeer but also hides from sheep and cows. The animals are not brought up for the cause of the skin, the skin is a bi-product at slaughter. We don´t use chrome nor coulor in the tanningprocess, only vegetable tanning. All the moments, from preparing the hides to  tan the skins it´s done at our tannery. We can therefore offer our costumers personal service and prepare the skin as they want them.

We tan and sell drum-skin, reindeer-skin, knifeleather and beltleather, look at Produkter.

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Morjärvsskinn, Garveriet, 950 42 Morjärv   Tfn: 0923-50100   E-post: info@morjarvsskinn.se
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